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Learn How To Be Fearless with Mikala Fredriksson

I recently had the opportunity to interview Mikala Fredriksson exclusively to learn five random facts about herself and the story behind her single "Ends In Your Tears." Check out my interview with Mikala Fredriksson:

Loryn: How would you describe your music in one word?

Mikala: Ends in your tears is probably a little bit RAUCAUS.

Loryn: What concert would you love to go to in the future?

Mikala: For definite, Lainey Wilson next year! 

Loryn: What is the story behind your upcoming single, End In Your Tears?

Mikala:  We wrote this song with badass women in mind, women like Beth Dutton (Yellowstone) Because I know so many girls like her, women who are fearless and go after what they want and don't settle for just anything. It's also a song about confidence, owning it, not putting up with any BS. I wanted it to be a killer opening or closing song for my live shows, an anthem for the girls! I've worked as a Shania Twain tribute act, and so the line 'that don't impress me much' is really fun to sing! I think that any girl who has been on a girls night out can relate to this song!

Loryn: What music projects would you love to accomplish in 2024? 

Mikala: I would love to keep developing my songwriting skills, and do some live shows with a band, and wear loads of tassels and rhinestones. 

Loryn: What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

Mikala: I'm just a really awkward girl. I've been performing on stage for more than a decade and I still don't know how to act when I'm up there sometimes! I think most people would think I look like I've got it together, but I absolutely do not! But it kind of works out and with said, I absolutely love it! 

Be sure to follow Mikala Fredriksson on her socials:

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