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Learn How To Be Compassionate with Serenity Grace Russell

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Serenity Grace Russell and learn five random facts about herself and what lessons the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes have taught her. Check out my interview with Serenity Grace Russell:

Loryn: Who inspired you to become an actress? 

Serenity: My cousin, Brandon Tyler Russell, who is an actor and Mykal-Michelle Harris! My cousin used to bring me to events to help me overcome my shyness and I met lots of other kid actors, plus I used to watch a lot of his projects!! Mykal-Michelle I used to watch on the LOL Surprise videos and I wanted to be just like her! That led into me collecting those dolls and being named the #1 Biggest LOL Surprise Fan a few years ago, as well as starting to work professionally in the industry! 

Loryn: What insights can you share about your latest podcast projects with Cascadia and Ice-Cream? 

Serenity: I actually did those both a while ago, but it’s always fun to do voiceover work because you can be comfy, and I did those from the comfort of home! Cascadia was fun because I did more than one episode, and it is a really interesting podcast about a scientist who goes on a deep sea dive to explore uncharted waters. Ice-Cream is a horror podcast and was really fun to record because I love spooky stuff! 

Loryn: What inspires you to complete over 200 hours of community service?

I’ve been actively volunteering since the age of 5 and I love giving back to my community and helping others! I think volunteering helps people build important life skills like teamwork, becoming a leader, and building compassion and empathy for others. I think it’s important for everyone to get involved with volunteering in some way-trust me, it will make your heart feel good to help others!

Loryn: What acting projects would you love to accomplish in 2024? 

Serenity: Now that the strike is over and I am officially 9…I’m looking forward to being busier than ever! In 2024, I would love to either be recurring or a series regular on a show, book more commercials, and book a big feature film going to theaters! Big goals, I know, but it’s important to DREAM BIG!!

Loryn: What lesson has the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strike taught you? 

Serenity: The strike taught me that it’s always important to stand up for what you believe is right! It also taught me that being in the union is a powerful and important tool which brings everyone together to do amazing things on and off camera! I’ve also learned that AI might be an important tool for many things, but it should not ever replace actors completely or for free! 

Be sure to stay updated with Serenity Russell by following her on her social media platforms:

IG: @SerenitysGrace

FB: @SerenityGraceRussell

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