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Learn How To Be Authenticity Honest with Demi Michelle

I recently had the opportunity to follow up with Demi Michelle to learn five new random facts about her and the story behind her latest single "Four Leaf Clover". Check out my interview with Demi below:

Loryn: Why did you decide to leave “Four Leaf Clover” off of your Dear Diary album?

Demi: This is a great question. There’s something unique about this song that made me want to keep it off the album. After I recorded it, all I could think about was how it reminded me of spring. It didn’t feel right to be on Dear Diary, which was released in October. The title alone, “Four Leaf Clover,” is perfect for spring, being a flower. Also, four leaf clovers are believed to be lucky. So, I decided it’d be fitting to release the song on St. Patrick’s Day. The whole song has very dreamlike magic to it, and since it’s also fully acoustic and has a pop-folk feel, St. Patrick’s Day felt like a perfect release day. Also, I wanted to close Dear Diary in a special way. I didn’t want to let it fade away and release the lead single off my upcoming EP. I thought it’d be meaningful to officially close the Dear Diary chapter, almost like closing a book, and “Four Leaf Clover” is the last entry from my musical diary.

Loryn: What is the story behind your single “Four Leaf Clover"?

Demi: Since I wrote “Four Leaf Clover” along with the other Dear Diary songs, it has a concept that fits in with the album. One day, I was thinking about being lucky and falling in love in the future, and a four leaf clover popped into my mind. I love metaphors, so I grasped onto the four leaf clover image and decided to write a song from it. Instead of using the four leaf clover as a metaphor for love itself, I made it refer to me. In the chorus, I say, “All I can do is wonder if someone will ever feel lucky to find me like I’m a four leaf clover.”

I loved writing this song because it’s full of metaphors and beautiful imagery. Being metaphorical is something I can’t do as much in my country-pop music, so I really enjoyed doing so for this song. When I first wrote it, I had a different vision for it that was more contemporary pop, but after I heard it stripped down with just the acoustic guitar, bass, and my vocals, I knew I wanted to keep it fully acoustic. I think it really brings out the vulnerability and authenticity in the song, and it allows the lyrics to shine. “Four Leaf Clover” has always been special to me from the moment I got the metaphorical concept for the song. As a songwriter, it’s always my goal to say things in new and fresh ways, and I feel like I achieved exploring the concept of love in a unique way through the four leaf clover metaphor.

Loryn: How would you describe your music in one sentence?

Demi: No matter what genre my songs fall into, the common thread in my music is genuine authenticity, honest and story-driven lyrics, and melodies that compliment the lyrical concept and emotion I wish to communicate.

Loryn: What can you share about your upcoming EP?

Demi: I’m so beyond excited for my new EP, and I have lots to share. The EP is going to be called, It Is What It Is. You’re definitely going to see a different side of me in this project, and I’m really looking forward to that. Dear Diary explores my thoughts, feelings, and insecurities, and I went on a journey of self-discovery while writing the album. So, naturally, my next project is going to be a step beyond that. It Is What It Is is a very self-empowering project. I feel like I got to a place where I know what I deserve, but also, I realize that sometimes, we can’t change certain things in our lives. This is why I decided on the title, It Is What It Is. For a while, I feel like I let myself be treated in ways that had a negative effect on me, so I’ve started to set boundaries for myself and not settle for less than I deserve. On the other hand, I’ve grown to accept certain realities, and through doing that, I feel like I’ve found my center again and I’m in a much better place. The EP will have five tracks. They’re all written, and two are already recorded. My guitarist is currently working on guitar and bass for two of the other songs, and I’m composing a piano accompaniment for the one song that’s more of a ballad. This project is super sassy in many ways, and I’m excited to bring that out in the studio recordings. For the most part, it’s country-pop with some other genre influences sprinkled in. I think it’s important to make each song unique, and so I’m looking forward to recording the rest of the EP. I’m going back to the studio at the end of April and will probably need another session in May to finish. I’m still nailing down the tracklist, but I’m thrilled to share the five songs on the EP as a little exclusive. First, “You Get What You Give” is going to be the lead single. I actually got the EP title from the chorus of that song, which is a fun fact. The other four songs are “Afterthought,” “Found My Compass,” “I Hope You Know You’re Lucky,” and “Halfway Outa This Town.” I’ll probably sort out the tracklist once I have all of the songs recorded, so there aren’t any hints in how I listed them. I’m really excited about this new chapter. On March 19, I have my photoshoot for it, and for a new look, I just got highlights in my hair. I’m planning lots of exciting things around the EP, so stay tuned for all of those. It Is What It Is, let’s go!

Loryn: What message do you hope your fans get from this last chapter of Dear Diary?

Demi: I hope my Butterflies take away the message that sometimes, we can all explore our thoughts and feelings in beautiful, metaphorical ways, even if they’re difficult ones. Songwriting has always been my way to find the beauty in the darker moments. Writing a song like “Four Leaf Clover” allowed me to explore a painful feeling of loneliness in a creative way that almost felt like an imaginative escape. Though “Four Leaf Clover” has a hint of sadness in it, the vivid imagery, especially in the bridge, and metaphorical language paint it to be something much more beautiful and magical. So, I hope this song inspires others to look at their thoughts and feelings through a new lens. Taking this creative and imaginative approach often leads to a fresh perspective and clarity. “Four Leaf Clover” is my metaphorical exploration of falling in love one day, and I hope it touches hearts and opens minds worldwide. Also, I hope it inspires others to not be afraid to be imaginative during difficult times. Songwriting is a gift I’ve been given, and I’m blessed I get to use my craft to create such special music that I can share as a gift to people all around the world.

Be sure to stay updated by checking out Demi Michelle's website: Be sure to follow her on her social media platforms below:

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