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Learn How To Be A Source Of Encouragement with Ryan Farish

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Ryan Farish to learn five random facts about himself and the story behind his album Rhythm of the Seasons. Check out my interview with Ryan below:

Loryn: Who is a musician I would love to collaborate with in the future?

Ryan: Lana Del Ray. Her unique, dreamy ascetic and vocal sound is something I've always imagined would be so incredible to write and produce in the context of the downtempo music I've spent so much time working within.

Loryn: How has the pandemic changed you?

Ryan: It's been difficult for all of us, but I've tried to stay focused on positive things, and have redirected my energy towards finding ways to grow within. In late 2019 I had decided to get back out and do shows, but in 2020 all of that momentum was put on hold. So, I chose to direct my energy towards growing as a songwriter and took the time to focus on my home studio, make some changes to my workflow, and the result of this time spent has been personally rewarding. Having limitations, and being forced to make choices and focus on specific aspects of my art, has been something that I can look back on now and be grateful for. Perhaps the thing that stands out to me the most though, was the time spent online during live streams with the fans. It was an amazing opportunity for so many of us to connect in ways that were so meaningful, and I'm really grateful for the moments we shared online together in 2020-21.

Loryn: What is the story behind your album Rhythm of the Seasons?

Ryan: There's a Rhythm to everything in our lives, and in nature. I wanted to create an album experience of music, with sounds and vibes that have helped carry me through the past two years. Rhythm was the centerpiece to the album, and working on music that would work around a specific pulse and rhythm to each song, resulted in an album that feels cohesive, and focuses on sounds and an ascetic with the music that I really connected with, and was excited to share.

Loryn: What lesson has the entertainment industry taught?

Ryan: The more you grow and learn, the more you realize that the professional community is a very small community. It's so important to have other professionals in your life, not necessarily in the same industry even, but have people in your life that are pursuing their careers with the same tenacity that you are, friends and colleagues that can be there for you during those times when the creativity isn't flowing... and it's even more important that we serve each other to be a source of encouragement so that we can build each other up, in the hopes of reaching our own individual potential.

Loryn: What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

Ryan: I ride a motorcycle. The thing I love the most about riding is the way the machine and rider must be in absolute synchronicity for it to all work. I enjoy the fact that riding a motorcycle forces me to completely be, in the present moment, and many times after I come back from a ride, I feel recharged and at my most creative state.

Be sure to stay updated with Ryan Farish by checking out his website: Also, be sure to follow him on his social media platforms:

FB: Ryan Farish

TW: @ryanfarish

YT: Ryan Farish

IG: ryanfarish

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