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Learn How To Act Freely With Colin A. Borden

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Colin Borden to learn five random facts about himself, and what Dhar Mann character he relates to the most. Check out my interview with Colin below:

Loryn: What Dhar Mann character of yours do you related to the most?

Colin: There’s probably more of me in every character than I’d like to admit, but I was particularly happy to play the teacher in the Dhar episode, “Kids Laugh at Student Who Can’t Spell.” My mother was an elementary teacher, IST, and principal, and I thought the script had a good amount of oomph and information to maybe genuinely help students who might be quietly struggling. I wanted to make sure I got the Ortin-Gillingham we mention in the episode as accurate as I could. I’ve heard from a few people that that one may have indeed, “changed their life.” That’s a pretty good feeling.

Loryn: What lesson have you’ve learned from being an actor?

Colin: Do your homework, focus up, look ‘em in the eye and listen intently; now you’ve earned the freedom to play and discover — and if you screw up, hey, you’ll likely get another shot at it. Humans don’t make it easy for each other as often as we should, but going into every interaction with some mutual respect and a hint of fun goes pretty far, I’ve found.

Loryn: What’s a goal you hope to accomplish the second half of this year?

Colin: My work is acting, but my job is to audition and I’d like increase my output. I’ve been (knock on wood) pretty successful at auditioning so far, so I’m hunting meatier rooms now and I think that means finding a manager that can match my intentions. Further down the bucket list is acting on a deep sci-fi show; I love me some fast-talking technobabble.

Loryn: What’s a lesson the global pandemic has taught you?

Colin: The pandemic offered all of us plenty of quiet time to, y’know, freak out. And boy did I spend plenty of time freaking out, but amidst the existential dread I had a really fantastic year! My kids continued to grow and thrive, we finished some needed home projects, and I acted in a feature film, directed several digital plays with national casts, co-wrote and directed a new musical with a friend on the other side of the country, and discovered many new delicious cocktails. Looking back, it was really a wonderful time, but I spent so much time doom scrolling that I wasn’t able to be in the moment and appreciate the good around us. So, I’m working on changing that for this year.

Loryn: What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

Colin: I describe myself as an introverted extrovert. I love humans and take all my energy from rooms full of strangers, but it takes a lot of courage to stir up a conversation with one of those strangers. But do come say, “Hello!” if you see me out there!

Stay updated with Colin A Borden by checking out his website: .

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