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Learn How Savannah Blesses People With Her Music

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Savannah D to learn five random facts about herself, and what song she currently has on repeat. Check out my interview with Savannah below:

Loryn: What is the challenging part of singing?

Savannah: The challenging part about singing would have to be the multitasking that comes with it. The decision regarding manipulating such notes and working the scale, all while entertaining the audience and not falling or something clumsy lol because that is definitely the kind of person I am... CLUMSY. There is also a challenging portion in the business aspect. Many people want to have access to your gift, but not compensate you. For me personally, I'm reaching the part of my career where I'm having to choose between blessing people with my gift of singing, and turning down opportunities to sing because people don't want to pay what I'm worth or pay at all for that matter. Which is why I want to create opportunities for artists to do what they love, get them the proper recognition, as well as get them paid.

Loryn: What advice do you have for those interested in becoming a singer?

Savannah: My advice for those interested in singing, is to do the work. Take those voice lessons, get a mentor, or receive some sort of artist development. Find out what your area of strength is musically. Whether that's writing, singing, or entertaining. I've seen those that aspire to be artists impulsively jump in the studio or on stage with no training. The level of artistry I have today came from trial and error of course, howeverI had to be honest about what level I was on professionally.

Loryn: What song do you currently play on repeat?

Savannah: The song I currently play on repeat at the moment is honestly, "Outside" by OG Bobby Billions and Mo3. For those that don't know, it's a hip hop song. I am such a diverse artist, so I love all genres, but what I appreciate about this record is the artist Mo3 who was murdered earlier this year. He was an artist who knew his strength and his lane musically. He authentically told his story in a voice that would penetrate your soul, he had a singing voice that reminded you of church. It was simple yet so smooth.

Loryn: What goal do you hope to accomplish in the second half of the year?

Savannah: The goal I would hope to accomplish this second half of the year is to be able to quit my job and do music full time. Within the last year, my career has skyrocketed, and I'm so grateful however, I am ready to do this and make a living. I desire to partner with big corporations, venues, and events as such that need professional diverse entertainment.

Loryn: What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

Savannah: People would be surprised that I am a big kid! I love to have fun, be goofy, and laugh! Many don't believe that I'm 27. They always guess like 21 lol I'll take that!

Be sure to follow Savannah D on social :

IG: @itsdsavannah

Facebook: DSavannahShow

Youtube: DSavannah

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