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Learn How Reggie Discover His 'Other Self'

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Reggie Waterman about five random facts about himself, who would he'd love to have on his podcast . Plus his biggest accomplishment. Check out my interview with Reggie below:

Loryn: Who is your dream influencer you'd love to have on your show?

Reggie: Les Brown,when I hit rock bottom his motivational tapes got me through some dark times.  His words were so inspirational and motivating that helped reshape my mindset and focus on climbing out of those dark times to come into my purpose.

Loryn: What inspired you to create your own business?

Reggie: I had this burning feeling in me to be CREATIVE.I always wanted to do MORE! I felt like I owed it to myself and others to utilize my gift for good.  My super power is connecting with people and taping into their own unique gifts and talents so that they can optimize those gifts to CREATE.  When I say CREATE I mean, do things that they really want to do in life.  It’s a process of uncovering their passions and using that emotion to take action towards developing a life that they truly desire. I recently started a Personal Branding Agency focused on helping others discover their purpose and take their personal brand to the next level.  Majority of us forget to take care of “Me Inc.” And it is my duty to give them marketing tips and tricks to help their brand stand out and maximize their revenue potential.

Loryn: What do you consider as your biggest accomplishment?

Reggie:I found myself unemployed for the first time in life at the beginning of 2019 and it was through that time where I developed a program called ‘Open Concept’ where I was able to facilitate a series of workshops designed for 3rd and 4th year University students that focused on telling the students EVERYTHING that is not in a textbook.  Giving them practical skills on how to succeed post graduation (i.e. how to manage up, how to network effective, how to deal with office politics, managing the expectations of the older generation...The list goes on and on).  I’ve had the pleasure at facilitating these workshops at Ryerson University and The University of Toronto.  It’s one of my greatest accomplishments as I’m servicing people, especially our future leaders of tomorrow by giving them the tools they need to be successful.  I wish someone took the time back in my day to help me get prepared for the real world so this was my way of making an impact.

Loryn: What book would you recommend someone read?

Reggie: The Alchemist – That boy Santiago taught me so much as he went on his journey to find his hidden treasure.  It teaches you so much about life and that you have to pay attention to the omens/signs that will guide you through your own journey.

Loryn: What is something not very many people know about you?

Reggie:I recently signed on to a Talent Agency called ENCY as a Model/Talent

Be sure to stay updated with Reggie Waterman by staying in contact with him on all social platforms under the name Reggie Waterman.

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