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Learn How J Young MDK Is Pivoting Now During The Global Pandemic

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively J Young MDK interview about five random facts about himself, what something he learned about himself in 2020 . Plus what advice he has for future musicians. Check out my interview with J Young MDK below:

Loryn: What inspired you to create fifty songs, within fifty weeks?

J Young MDK: The pandemic has affected everyone in the industry, but I made the best out of this time and released more content than ever before! It inspired me to deliver 50 songs in 50 weeks to help uplift my fans during these unprecedented times. They didn’t know whether I was dropping a rap record or R&B song, they just anticipated a release.

Loryn: Where do you find your musical inspiration?

J Young MDK: I find musical inspiration all over the world! I was a freestyle champion in Atlanta and also from previous experiences whether it be relationships, friendships and family. My musical influences are Tupac, Biggie, Jay Z, Nas, Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Drake, Jamie Foxx, Fabolous and many more!

Loryn: What's a lesson you've learned about yourself this year?

J Young MDK:This year I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and decided not to let the diagnosis hinder my career and instead use it as a way to encourage others! I want people to know that you can still reach for the stars and accomplish all things with hard work and dedication. My transparency about my diagnosis led to becoming an official ambassador with the American Diabetes Association.

Loryn: What advice do you have for future musicians?

J Young MDK: My advice for future musicians is that with hard work and ambition, anything is possible. I also tell all upcoming musicians to continue and build upon their good qualities and to also study their mistakes.

Loryn: What's something people would be surprised to learn about you?

J Young MDK : I am very acrobatic, and I can do backflips. I am also bi-racial; Puerto Rican/Black .

Be sure to stay updated with J Young MDK by checking out his website : . Plus you can contact with him on all his social platforms under the name: @jyoungmdk

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