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Learn How Ben Sklivas Can Do Anything

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Ben Sklivas about five random facts about himself, what advice he has for those who have ADHD? Plus learning an interesting fact about Ben Sklivas . Check out my interview with Ben below:

Loryn: What have you learned about yourself during the pandemic?

Ben: That’s a great question. I think that the thing that I learnt most during the pandemic is 2 things. First of which is being that we are able to do ANYTHING we want. What our parents told us as kids about “being able to do anything” is true. We don’t need a corporate job to be both successful and happy. You don’t need to sacrifice one over the other. If you work hard, if you keep pushing through the pain and adversity you can make and do whatever we please. Second thing that I learnt throughout the pandemic is the importance of self-love and forgiveness. I am still currently fixing myself and trying to be the best person that I can be. I never was the type of person to love myself in any sense, I would try and adjust myself for others in all aspects. This time alone has taught me that self-love is all we need. We don’t need to be accepted by everyone. I am me and you are you. We learn and grow on our own time.

Loryn: What advice do you have for those who have ADHD?

Ben: I speak a lot about this on my blog and in the podcasts that I have been grateful to speak on. The advice I want to give those with ADHD and even the parents with children with ADHD. I want to tell you not to give up. You are not alone, you should reach out to communities, friends, family, do not feel scared to speak your mind and your truth. This is not a “disorder” it’s just a different way of thinking. You ARE different though, use that. Do not ever let them take that away from you. We are unique, we are the innovators and yes we screw up. But who doesn’t.

Loryn: If you could have one superpower in the world, what would it be?

Ben: If I could have one superpower, I think that I might want it to be extreme luck. I feel like throughout my life I have been blessed and I am very grateful. But having that lucky horse shoe or rabbits foot at all times would be truly beneficial. You know like in Harry Potter? When he gets instant luck? That! That’s what I want.

Loryn: How can someone find the light at the end of the tunnel?

Ben: I think that’s truly a subjective question, I feel like everyone has their own path to the light at the end of the tunnel. It took me losing everything in my life to be able to even see the beginning of the light. I feel like for the past couple months I have been growing but regardless of growth I was in the dark. It’s only as of late that I’ve only really started to understand that the light at the end of the tunnel is internal and not based of external factors. So, whatever it takes for you to follow what you love and that brings you joy and happiness. Follow it.

Loryn: What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

Ben: I think something that people would be surpassed to learn about me is that my life has been nothing but failure after failure. I push myself to challenge myself. I am a very harsh judge of my own character and that it has affected me my whole life. I never had a feeling of self-worth nor did I even know who I was. I am only starting to feel some sort of self-love and value. I am a firm believer that anyone can change if they are meant to. I have made huge mistakes in my life that have effected a lot of people. But now I am at a point where I want to give back, make myself better. Mistakes that are made do not make a person, its how they move forward from those mistakes.

Stay up to date with Ben Sklivas by following him on his social media platforms:

IG: @bensklivas

LinkedIn: Ben Sklivas

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