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Learn About What Jake Hoot Loved About Being On The Voice And Creating Music

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Jake Hoot about five random facts about himself, what advice does he have for those interested auditioning for The Voice. Plus learning an interesting fact about Jake Hoot . Check out my interview with Jake below:

Loryn: What was the challenging part about filming the music video I Would've Loved You?

Jake: I really can't point out one thing that was hard! Everything from flying out, filming the day of, and the editing process was all so easy and effortless! We had such a great crew from the director, camera guys, editor, producers, and of course Kelly Clarkson, who all made it so fun!

Loryn: What is a lesson you've learned from Kelly Clarkson?

Jake: Don't doubt yourself and what you can do! I think it's very cliche and common sense, but it's very easy not to do. Just know that you are just the way God made you, and he doesn't make mistakes!

Loryn: What advice would you give those who are interested in auditioning for The Voice in the future?

Jake: Just do it! I think thats NIKE hahaha! It's hard sometimes to get out of your comfort zone, but when you do, the possibilities are endless! And I would also say that if you're a musician, don't let the show make or break you. It is an incredible opportunity, but don't ever doubt your capabilities!

Loryn: What lesson did you learn from being on The Voice?

Jake: That I have a lot to learn, always! There were so many life and career lessons that I learned on the show that i'll carry with me throughout life!

Loryn: What is something fans would be surprised to learn about you?

Jake: I have never been on a rollercoaster.... Don't judge lol

Be sure to stay updated with Jake Hoot by checking out his website: Be sure to follow him on all of his social media platforms:

Facebook @jakehootmusic

YouTube: JakeHootMusic

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