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Learn About Tyler Life Behind The Camera

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview TylerBoronski about five random facts about himself, what inspired him to become a background actor . Plus his biggest accomplishment. Check out my interview with Tyler Boronski below:

Loryn: What has living in Orlando while you were in college allowed you do? 

Tyler: Living in Orlando for about 2 years also gave me a chance to expand my coverage and get exposed more into the entertainment industry. Because of the several conventions that are down there. 

Loryn: Why did you decide to become a background actor on Stranger Things? 

Tyler: Even though acting isn't my end goal, I decided it would be a good experience for my personal brand as the entertainment industry is all about "standing out any way you can".

Loryn: What opportunity have you've accomplished since graduating college in 2019?

Tyler: Since graduating with my Bachelor's degree from Full Sail in October, 2019, I have taken a few opportunities. I have continued my work as a Celebrity/Influencer interviewer for my YouTube Channel, but focusing more on the entertainment side rather than sports. 

Loryn: What have you've learned from all of these accomplishments? 

Tyler: While my work as an Interviewer/Reporter on my YouTube Channel and working with Mark, Maximo, and Luca gives me the opportunity to be involved on the entertainment side. While I'm just 22 years old, none of these opportunities would have happened if it wasn't my desire to network with new people and continue hard to work on my skillset. 

Loryn: What's something interesting not many know about you? 

Tyler: I worked on shows such as FX's Atlanta Season 2 and Netflix's Stranger Things Season 3 (both filmed in Atlanta). 

Be sure to stay updated with Tyler Boronskiby checking out his website : . Plus you can contact with him on all social media under the name : @tylerboronski.


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