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Learn About Ashanti Harris While In Lockdown

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Ashanti Harris about five random facts about herself, what is an acting project she'd like to take on in the future. Plus learn an interesting fact about Ashanti Harrris . Check out my interview with Ashanti below:

Loryn: What have you've learned about yourself during this pandemic?

Ashanti: Time is of the essence. Literally everything happens for a reason and at the right time. I have learned to make the most out of my time and put almost every minute to use in some productive type of way. I have been trying to make sure I stay busy, even if it's a day at home. I'm always thinking, "okay, what do I need to do or can I do today to help myself?" I would choose to do things like clean my place, to declutter my mind, read another chapter of my book, find more auditions, etc. Even something as simple as stretching is beneficial to me because I dance and just began stunt training so I need to stay limber. We all need to be propelling ourselves and figuring out what it is we need to do, to get more out of life and get where we want to be in life! Not only that, but I have also learned to just LIVE! By that, I mean, do what it is that makes you happy in life. No matter what it is, if it's something you really wanna do, go for it and do it while you have the chance because you never know when that chance will be taken away from you or if you'll ever be able to do it again if you don't do it right now! If you wanna skydive like me, do it! If you wanna start that business, start it and build it up as you go. If you want to fly across the country, go ahead and do it cause we don't know what the future holds and we don't want to have any regrets and think later, "Aw man, I should've done it when I had the chance."

Loryn: What is an acting project you'd love to take on in the future?

Ashanti: That is a really good question. Honestly, since February of this year I think I have done just about every role I have wanted to do. I've been a killer, I've been a robber, I've done action, comedy, and drama, and I've even been a stripper! I think if anything I would want to do more action films, suspense, and an emotional drama! I believe that would expand my range a bit more! Keep me on my toes! In my career, I just really want to be well versed. I want people to be able to look at me and say "Wow, she can do everything."

Loryn: What is a goal you hope to accomplish this year?

Ashanti: This year for me is to work, work, work! I already have at least one gig each month lined up through June right now and it's only February. I want to continue on this path of networking, training, hustling because my goal by the end of the year is to be represented by a great, harmonious talent agent who sees the greatness in me, sees me as marketable, and puts me in the right audition rooms. I can take it from there. It's all on me after that!

Loryn: Who would you love to feature on your Youtube channel?

Ashanti: Honestly, anyone. I'm open to ideas and collaboration from everyone when it comes to my YouTube. All that I have really been doing is videos with my daughter, vlogs of my trips, and reviews. A new thing that I plan to do this year is start a mini mic session at home with singers, musicians, and dancers, whoever is willing to join.

Loryn: What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

Ashanti: I think people are surprised when they figure out that, I literally do almost anything! I am very multifaceted. I have a 9 to 5 working from home, I act and dance professionally, I model, I am a licensed real estate agent, licensed life and health insurance agent, I own a jewelry business alongside my mother, I am a mother myself, a notary public in the state of GA, I also do dog boarding and Instacart from time to time. I think that's about it! All that I can think of for the moment. Like I said before, I love to keep myself busy. No it's not always easy, and yes I do have a lot on my plate but it is never anything I cant or wont get done. I love it here!

Be sure to stay updated with Ashanti Harries by checking out her website: .Be sure to follow him on all of his social media platforms:

IG: theashantiharris

TW: @theashantih

TikTok: theashantiharris

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